I'm a photographer
& tennis instructor
& volunteer

Contact me anytime at martaortigosadecarlos@gmail.com

ūüĎ謆¬°Hola! I’m Marta and I’m from Zaragoza, Spain.

I consider myself a voracious learner.¬†At the moment I’m focused on learning design related topics: accessibility, inclusive design and behavioral design. I’m constantly seeking new perspectives and teaching others all that I learn.

Since I started playing tennis at the age of 6 I always imagined myself teaching how to do it. Ten years after that I started working as a tennis instructor. I’m not teaching tennis anymore but the educational skills learnt at that time, still help me in my professional life.

Photography is probably my biggest creative passion, a way of expressing my thoughts and the way I see the world. I love especially taking pictures on the streets or out in the nature. After editing the photos, I share them on my Instagram account (@chasingssuns) and sometimes, I try to show some tricks and how I edit.

So yes, I’m passionate about various things but I always find some time to do volunteering activities. I’ve done several things with kids and older people in the past and now I’m mentoring a group of girls in the Technovation challenge.

This is me, trying to fake that I hadn't just ran to get that shot of myself. ūüėÖ


Marta showed responsibility, attention to detail and resolution capacity (…) She put together an independent project (the Inclusive Design learning path) and¬†shined on this particular aspect, working rigorously,¬†defining her own timing and meeting it and involving other people interested in the project… on her own. She has¬†demonstrated maturity and responsibility, as well as a great integrity as designer.

Sagrado Nova, Service Designer and instructor at BBVA

I loved her attention to details, analytical thinking, active listening and focus on understanding and give value. I would highlight her abilities on research and service and interaction design.

Sara Valero Martínez, Service & Strategic Designer