I'm a photographer
& tennis instructor
& volunteer

My friends are so talented. Art by @fotoilustrada 

👋 ¡Hola! I’m Marta, 23-year-old from Zaragoza, Spain.

I consider myself a voracious learner. At the moment I’m focused on learning design, whether if it is service, inclusive or sustainable design. I’m constantly seeking new perspectives and trying to teach other whatever I learn. But not only on the design area.

Since I started playing tennis at the age of 6 I always imagined myself teaching how to do it. Ten years after that I could start teaching kids. Though right now I enjoy playing padel more.

Photography is also my passion, especially taking pictures on the streets or our in the nature. After editing the photos, I share them on my Instagram account (@chasingssuns) and sometimes, I try to show some tricks and how I edit.

So yes, I’m passionate about various things but I always find some time to do volunteering activities. My most recent ones involved teaching creativity to kids through workshops.

This is me, trying to fake that I hadn’t just ran to get that shot of myself. 😅

If something motivates me, I will find time to do it!

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