I’m a digital product designer with a passion for building inclusive experiences

 I’ve been working as digital product designer for public and private sector international organisations for more than four years. 

First, at BBVA Global Design Team and currently at NTT DATA where I have developed my expertise in interaction design (IxD) and digital accessibility.

Talk title (from Spanish): "Who is your user? More inclusive products thanks to accessibility"

La Product Conf Madrid

MAY 2024


Global Accessibility Awareness Day Zaragoza

MAY 2023

DrupalCamp Spain

JUNE 2022

Knowledge areas

Product design with detailed expertise in IxD

I strive to understand how people interact with interfaces using different devices and assistive technologies. I gather insights, find ways to increase the value proposition in the next iteration and think about how to measure it.

Inclusive design and accessibility

Digital accessibility is about meeting users’ needs regardless of their abilities. And inclusive design, goes beyond that and considers all dimensions of human diversity. 


Not exactly related to design but this is part of who I am and how I see the world. I love street and documentary photography as it allows me to capture people and their ways of being and behave.


Portfolio including case studies from my professional practice available upon request. Contact me at martaortigosadecarlos@gmail.com

Screenshots of the NoSoloFilms website and Instagram account

Boosting critical thinking in schools through short films


Side project where I am working with a multidisciplinary team to provide innovative resources for school teachers.

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Cinema seat booking app and website​


As part of the Google UX Design Certificate I created a cinema seat booking app and website from concept to hi-fi mockups.

About me

I’m a curious and voracious learner with a deep analytical and creative mindset.

In my free time, you can usually find me playing sports such as tennis or padel, reading a book or taking photos on the street.

Me, a white girl with brown long hair wearing a turtleneck black t-shirt, holding a camera

Books I loved and recommend

On another note, I love reading. Here are my current top 4 books I’ve read so far and why I think you can love them too

Ruined by Design (Arruinado por el diseño) de Mike Monteiro si te preocupa la ética del producto que estás ayudando a construir.


Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro if you care about the ethics of the digital product you are helping to build.



Mismatch. How inclusion shapes design by Kat Holmes if you want to understand why we need to be actively considering inclusion while building products.



Four thousand weeks: Time management for mortals by Oliver Burkeman if you are like me and worry about long lists of to-dos.



Lo esencial (Spanish) by Miguel Mila if you like industrial product design and want to discover a really interesting designer focused on functionality.