I'm an inclusive designer.

I’m focused on experience design and service design. I believe in creating sustainable and inclusive experiences based on users’ insights.

In my design experience, I've learnt how to...


March 2021 – Now

Interaction Designer

  • Design with accessibility and inclusion in mind
  • Discuss ideas with clients


March 2020 – Dec 2020

Future Designers Program

  • Create global and scalable solutions.
  • Improve communication through agile ceremonies.
  • Deliver and iterate UX designs.


Sept 2019 – Dec 2019

Graphic designer on EU projects

  • Ideate and develop communication and graphic design projects.
  • Express ideas and concepts at professional level in English.


Feb 2019 – Aug 2019

Graphic designer & Innovation assistant

  • Conduct brand projects and improve communication with clients.
  • Organize and facilitate in innovation workshops.

University of Zaragoza

Sept 2015 – July 2019

Industrial Design & Product Development Engineering

  • Design: interface, service, graphic and product.
  • Related topics such as marketing or ergonomics, and technical like materials or electronics.
  • Write academic papers thanks to my Erasmus+ period at Mälardalen University in Sweden.


I’m currently working on this section. Until it is ready, please feel free to ask for my portfolio at martaortigosadecarlos@gmail.com

Current research topics

Heart with different users inside

Inclusive Design

"Design considering the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of human difference" (Inclusive Design Institute). Right now, I'm researching and designing methodologies to achieve an inclusive ideation stage.


Sustainable Design

It is a design approach that considers the environmental, social and economic impact on every phase of the product or service. I'm on an early stage of the research, therefore gathering information about the topic.

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My professional history

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It all started with my studies on Industrial Design Engineering. I was learning typical engineering stuff and it was okay, but what fulfilled me the most were design subjects.

At the end of the Bachelor I was on a really high trampoline; ready to jump but not sure in which direction. I decided to give graphic design a try with an internship at Herizont. At this startup I improved my graphic design skills, but most importantly, I was introduced to facilitation and service design.

After a few months I took the chance to be an Erasmus+ intern at IrRadiare in Lisbon. These were times of self discovery, I liked being a graphic designer but felt that I could be of more value elsewhere.

I thought that graphic design skills and a holistic perspective could be valuable in digital product design. This is where BBVA showed up with its ‘Future Designers Program’, an initiative for young people to work at the bank’s global design team.

After a long recruitment process I was given the opportunity to be a part of it. I could work as UX designer and design researcher in two projects and also had the chance to be part of the Design Education team and work close to the design system team.

This leads me to 2021. Right now, I’m interaction designer at everis and, as a side project, I’m interaction and visual designer at Nosolofilms association.

Want to know more beyond my professional life?

Making a prototype for some university project.

Mind map to clarify my Bachelor thesis scope.


Marta collaborated in the Design Education initiative. She has known how to collaborate under two different models: following guidelines to execute tasks guided by the education team, showing responsibility, attention to detail and resolution capacity, and she has also known how to take advantage of the freedom she was given and put together an independent project (the Inclusive Design learning path). 

She has shined on this particular aspect, working rigorously, defining her own timing and meeting it and involving other people interested in the project… on her own. She has demonstrated maturity and responsibility, as well as a great integrity as designer.

Sagrado Nova, Service Designer and instructor at BBVA

Marta was a great support in the time we shared together. About her, I loved her attention to details, analytical thinking, active listening and focus on understanding and give value. I would highlight her abilities on research and service and interaction design. It was a pleasure to happen to meet her!

Sara Valero Martínez, Service & Strategic Designer

Marta is a key element in what concerns design and communication. She is passionate, engaged and creative! It was a pleasure to work and rely on her in several projects and events. She is organized, delivers everything on time and brings innovative and out of the box ideas. Glad to have had the chance to work and cooperate with her!

Flávia Duarte, Project Manager at IrRadiare

Marta is an excellent worker, multidisciplinary and able to undertake any given project. During the time I supervised her at Herizont, she delivered good results, learnt fast whatever she didn’t know and had a superb attitude. I could delegate anything with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that she would do a good job.

Jorge Daniel Santafé, Designer & Digital Creator

I recommend Marta to perform her knowledge and the diverse qualities contained in her CV. During the Bachelor, she has demonstrated an excellent attitude for continuing training and innate qualities of leadership, teamwork, versatility, flexibility and communication, among other soft skills. Her proven initiative, creativity and talent guarantee her as a suitable candidate to join any work team that seeks success.

Ignacio Martínez Ruiz, management, communication and image at EINA, University of Zaragoza

Marta has a great work capacity and is committed to it. During her academic trajectory she has shown great capacity for project management, creativity and an  outstanding aesthetic sense. Her courage and positive attitude against challenges are Marta’s main strengths.

Ana Serrano Tierz, Professor at University of Zaragoza

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