I’m a UX and digital product designer with a passion for building inclusive experiences

I’m currently a UX designer at NTT DATA and was previously at BBVA. With more than two years of experience and background in Industrial Design. In my free time I’m a product designer at Nosolofilms and street photographer.

Knowledge areas

Product design

I’m always with product mentality. In other words, I gather insights from research studies, find ways to to increase the value proposition in the next iteration and think about how to measure proposals.

UX design

I like to understand how people interact with interfaces using different devices and assistive technologies. After that, I apply accessibility principles to improve the interaction and, overall experience for everyone.

Inclusive design

Digital accessibility is about meeting users’ needs regardless of their abilities. And inclusive design, goes beyond that and considers all dimensions of human diversity. 


Not exactly related to design but this is part of who I am and how I see the world. I love street and documentary photography as it allows me to capture people and their ways of being and behave.

Portfolio available upon request. Contact me at martaortigosadecarlos@gmail.com

MVP of a platform to spread critical thinking between kids through high quality short films


I worked with a multidisciplinary team to build a website and social accounts oriented to promote critical thinking in schools. Check how educators can use high quality short films to create safe environments to share and learn in the Nosolofilms website.

Screenshots of the NoSoloFilms website and Instagram account
Screenshots of a video detail from the website's first version and Instagram account (2021- Present)

Accessibility and inclusive design


I’ve been researching, learning and applying accessibility and inclusive design findings for almost two years. During this period I’ve worked with several organizations to achieve more accessible and inclusive experiences. From talks and masterclasses, to flow and component reviews.

Talk in the DrupalCamp event called “Real accessibility problems in the web and how to solve those in Drupal” (translation from the talk that is in Spanish). 

Redesign of a payment method flow


I worked in an agile product team composed by Business, Technology, Design and Research roles on a Spanish leading bank. We redesigned the experience of how some SMEs received payments adapting it to the COVID situation.

Image of a woman paying at the counter to another woman using a Point Of Sales device. Over the image there is a graphic that shows the project actions: Insights from previous explorative research & heuristic evaluation of existing solution New information architecture & interactions with continuous validations from stakeholders UI design using Design System components UX research to validate design proposal
Project actions I contributed to in 2020


Experience as UX designer


I’m currently and interaction designer and accessibility expert at the IT consultancy NTT DATA, where I’ve done the following.

  • Carried out more than 10 accessibility, inclusive design and usability reviews of different websites, applications and Design System components from private and public sector clients.
  • Visually redesigned a platform to manage cloud solutions.
  • Conducted several trainings around accessibility and interaction best practices.
  • Participated in interviews with users with disabilities and allies of a large organization to identify  pain points in their work environment.
BBVA bank logo
I worked for 9 months in the Spanish bank BBVA, while receiving training on different topics (user research, storytelling, behavioral economics, etc.). Here are some of the things I did.
  • Worked in a multidisciplinary team as Interaction designer defining information architecture and flows. Later as design researcher I help validate the design proposals.
  • For three months I joined the Design Education and BBVA Experience team (Design System team). I could learn how to make insights tangible keeping the business and user’s needs in mind through hands-on experience.

Other relevant experiences

Side project: NOSOLOFILMS

I’m a Product Designer at Nosolofilms where I’ve created the visual identity, web UI and UX of the first MVP, social media visual design. In addition, I’m working with other colleagues on the continuous improvement of the product based on data and qualitative and quantitative research.


I’ve mentored four 10-year-old girls for 7 months on the Technovation challenge to create the WeR app and Artificial Intelligence model. The WeR app seeks to raise awareness about plastic pollution problem through information about the 5 Rs: Reject, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Repair.

This project is currently in the world finals (see semifinalists).


My cover proposals for the “Cipaj” magazine have been selected twice to be published. The first one was published on 2020 and the latest has been recently published in the July 2022 edition.

Graphic Design Internships

I worked as graphic designer on EU projects at IrRadiare in Lisbon and at Herizont.



  • Digital Product Designer course at The Hero Camp (2021)
  • Circular Design Sprint at UXER School (2019)
  • Bachelor in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering at Universidad de Zaragoza (Sept 2015 -July 2019)


  • English (professional competence). Achieved the C1- Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) on 2020.
  • Spanish (native speaker).

About me

I’m a curious and creative voracious learner with an analytical and creative mindset. In my free time you can usually find me playing sports such as tennis or padel, reading a book or taking photos on the street.

Me, a white girl with brown long hair wearing a turtleneck black t-shirt, holding a camera